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Luminaire report

Juárez, N.L.
Salinas Victoria, N.L.
El Carmen, N.L.

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We have addressed many of the issues currently affecting municipalities in terms of public lighting, providing a zero investment financial service, where we utilize state-of-the-art technology in lighting and electricity supply.

Since January 2014, we have designed a new sustainable model focused on addressing urban security issues in municipalities through innovative public lighting technologies, complemented by financial models that make them accessible and sustainable.


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Tons of CO2 saved

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Municipalities modernized with Lichttek
Municipalities modernized with Lichttek


Juárez, N.L

185,976 benefited people

Lighting report in Juárez, Nuevo León


Salinas Victoria

89,460 benefited people

Lighting report in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León


El Carmen

80,556 benefited people

Lighting report in El Carmen, Nuevo León

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